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Word of the moment: chimichanga

I went to London with Colin on the Saturday of the August Bank Holiday weekend to see some friends who have moved there from Cambridge. We were finally introduced to the chimichanga. This is a deep-fried burrito (literally ‘little donkey’), and was served with refried beans and rice.

At Christmas, when singing the carol Little Donkey, Spanish speakers (singers) will appear to be singing for their supper:

Burrito, burrito, en el polvoriento camino….

As a further note, in Spanish, as in English, the re- suffix may be applied to a verb to indicate repetition of the verbal action: abrir ‘to open’, reabrir ‘to reopen’.

In Spanish, however, it may also be applied to words to indicate intensity. Hence, frijoles refritos ‘refried beans’ are not cooked again, but are well-cooked.

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