Phrase structure rules

Phrase structure rules for use with LFG for example, can be created by defining the new commands given below, as originally given in an introduction to LaTeX for computational linguistics students.

%% LFG
% Optional rule support
% Macros

You can use these commands as given in the following example to obtain the illustrated LFG rule, which is a screenshot from the original page.

LFG rule: VP --> V (NP)

LFG rule

symb{VP}{} blank
symb{to}{} blank
symb{V}{ua=da} blank
opt{symb{NP}{(ua OBJ)=da}}

I’ve only used them for LFG, but I’m sure you could use them without the arrows and whatnot to get the functionality to replace that in covington, once you stop using that. The mark-up might look like a nightmare at first, but it’s not really any worse than similar LaTeX stuff.

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