Crossed out arrow

I needed to draw an arrow that meant the opposite of $rightarrow$, but there wasn’t one, unless I used a chemical arrow meaning a failed reaction. I didn’t want to do that, so I defined my own:
I can’t remember where I found out how to do this, but you can imagine how pleased I was to find there was an $arrownot$ already defined!


2 thoughts on “Crossed out arrow

  1. Nethac DIU

    arrownot does not appear to be included by default in my installation…

    I searched for a bit, and downloaded a package from MikTeX called mathabx, which includes no arrownot, but does include pre-made negated arrows like nRightarrow (that one, at least, works in math mode but not in normal text)

    So you need to add


    before your begin{document}

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