Strikeout and other line effects

Requirement: strikethrough/strikeout and other line effects.

Solution: use the ulem package. This package changes text marked to be emphasised by underlining rather than by italicising text. This will affect things like bibliographies, where book titles, for example, that are normally italicised are underlined instead. I find this undesirable, but the author’s thought of that already: it’s possible to switch between default behaviour and non-default behaviour.

In the preamble:


This will tell LaTeX that you want default behaviour as a rule.

In the main text:

When you want special underlining/strikeout text, add the following switches:

ULforem % Switches on underlining/strikeout for em
text text sout{text} text
normalem % Switches off underlining/strikeout for em

Remember to switch the behaviour off again!

Possible commands are:

singly underlined text
doubly underlined text
wavily underlined text
strikeout text
text overlaid with strokes (forward slashes)

It is possible to view the contents of ulem.sty online. There is also some documentation about ulem.sty.

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