LaTeX is a type-setting program designed to allow the user to focus on the content not the layout.


Nearly every time I use Latex, I have to look stuff up. I decided I should start keeping track of how to do the various things somewhere so that I didn’t have to keep googling everything all the time. Hopefully, they’ll help you, too.

I use LaTeX on Windows in the guise of MiKTeX, and use WinEdt as my editor. WinEdt isn’t perfect, but it does me. I certainly prefer it to Kile on Ubuntu, anyway.

Each tip is accessible from the LaTeX menu in the sidebar.

There’s also a list of helpful links in the sidebar to resources, reference material, an FAQ and a forum.

NB: if you’ve come from leptokurtosis’s blog looking for, then you’ll want the diacritics in author’s names in bibTeX page. Thanks for the mention, leptokursis!


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