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This policy sets out the terms and conditions governing the relationship between (hereafter referred to as “”, “pandammonium”, “this blog”, “the blog”, “my blog”, “this site”, “my site”, “I”, “me”, “my”) and my readers (“the reader”, “you”, “your”, “yours”) and users (“the user”, “you”, “your”, “yours”).

(Paraphrased from SEOmoz.)

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  1. Any comment that Akismet deems to be spam will not be shown on the blog, but will be automatically deleted.
  2. Any comment not caught by Akismet but which I deem to be spam will be deleted.
  3. Comments by authors who have not been previously accepted will be held for moderation.
  4. Comments containing offensive remarks may be edited or deleted.
  5. Trolls’ comments may be edited or deleted.
  6. Threats and personal attacks may be edited or deleted.

(Adapted from 10e20.)

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I will not make your email addresses publicly available and I will not send you spam.


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You retain full ownership of and responsibility for your comment.


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