Jack o’lantern

jack o'lantern

jack o'lantern

I made a Jack o’lantern.

I must remember that flames are hot and that when it travels most of the way up the match, it’s time to blow it out.

Usually, when the kids come round doing trick-or-treat, we ignore them and hope they go away, or we go out to the pub.  This year, I bought some lollipops to give out.  I actually found it much better to give them stuff rather than just ignore them because you don’t have to hide in your own house!

The first lot were the best – a group of little witches.  They asked something about did I have some fish.  I didn’t really catch what they said and I have no idea what they were talking about.  Must be the latest fad; any ideas?

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2 thoughts on “Jack o’lantern

  1. Ooh. Spooky! Much better with a piccy.

  2. There would have been a piccie the first time, but the technology failed me.

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