Word of the Moment: gopping

I went for a walk to Grantchester on Saturday with Sally in Norfolk. As we talked, she kept using a word I’d never heard before. I took it to mean horrible or distasteful from her usage. The word is gopping.

I had no idea where it came from, but from Sally’s background and a little googling, I have concluded she picked it up when she was in the WRAF and I was right about its meaning:


Something that is really horrible "That kebab was gopping, it made me ill"

Pronounced “goppin'” Army term for something that is disgusting – Can be used as a general observation; eg "tea was gopping tonight" or a specific assessment; eg "thanks sloppo, that chicken was goppin’"

Loosely related to other terms bandied around whenever the vomtechs (vomit-technicians) have been busy:

  • mingin’
  • howlin’
  • gowpin’
  • gippin’

To be goppin’ is to run the risk of being called a ‘gopper’ or a Fez.

unspeakably awful, usually relates to food or drink

It doesn’t appear to be limited to the armed forces, however. The trusty Urban Dictionary has a few definitions of its own. For the sake of public decency, I’ll only give the first one:


something nasty, or horrible (see buche) "eww, thats a gopping buche you got there!"

The word is apparently falling out of misuse, so a Facebook group has been set up in order to attempt to resurrect this allegedly unused word.

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4 thoughts on “Word of the Moment: gopping

  1. lol lol a great post been ages since i used that word and not sure what made me use it on Saturday …. wonder how many other awful words I picked up while I was In the WRAF.

    I am much posher now than I used to be 🙂 and Can tell Geoff is away as I am sure he would tell me off for using such an awful word 🙂

  2. Hehehe – I shall be paying close attention to your vocabulary from now on! 😉

  3. The closest word I know is gossing that we used to use as kids, when doing a particularly large nasty spit!

  4. That’s gobbing where I come from. And it’s gross, whatever word is used for it!

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