Wedding anniversary

Last Sunday was mine and Colin’s second wedding anniversary. Nowadays, there are two lists you can choose from, the traditional one and the modern one. The traditional second year present is cotton and the modern one is china.

I am currently obsessed by Turkish coffee and would like a cezve, but they are made of metal, not cotton or china. However, the little cups that Turkish coffee is served in, similar to espresso cups, are made of china. I dropped supermassive unsubtle hints during the week leading up to out anniversary; in fact I said everything except, “buy me a set of china espresso-type cups for our anniversary, please,” to my non-hint-taking husband.

Colin didn’t drop any hints, but I had a cunning idea. I like buying him t-shirts with silly things written on the front, such as his “Lazy Sue’s Slow Food Diner” t-shirt and suchlike, so I thought I’d find a suitable t-shirt for this occasion – made of cotton, of course. I looked on the Internet on the Thursday for inspiration, and found none. Later on that night, I had a flash of inspiration! I had the perfect slogan and I knew where I could get it done. I rang them up, a bit like a Yellow Pages advert, to see how long it would take. The next day. Perfect. I went out to acquire the materials and placed my order. The lady who took my order thought it was fantastic.

I went home via Tesco, which was my cover for having left the house. Colin, who I’d informed of my leaving the house, was already home when I got back. He informed me I’d been ages, having assumed I was only going to little Tesco. I told him I went to Newmarket Road Tesco, because the little one didn’t sell all the things that I wanted. That much was true, at least.

The next day, I had to find an excuse to go out of the house again. Luckily, I’d run out of books to read, so I said I was going to go to Heffers, my favouritest book shop. Off I went to Heffers, via the shop at which I’d placed my order, where my most excellent present was ready, and Clintons for a card and wrapping paper.

MISERABLE since 29th March, 2007

It was a different lady in the shop this time. She showed me the finished product: it was perfect. She asked if she could steal the idea for her next anniversary! I said yes, and said she’d have to get the right medium because this was for the cotton one. Good point, she said. Leaving the shop in a very self-satisfied sort of way, I went to Heffers: I couldn’t return home with no books, after all!

On Sunday morning, I was all excited. I was looking forward to getting my little cups and I was looking forward to seeing his face when he saw his present. I put it, wrapped, on his pillow when he went to make tea. He unwrapped it, all excited-like, and was stunned when he saw it (see picture).

He disappeared again, and brought me my present: crisps flavoured with tastes of…China.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding anniversary

  1. congratulations for last sunday…. great gifts too 🙂

  2. Thanks!

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