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On metadata, indexing, and mucking around with PDFs | Academic Productivity

I was just reading this, and I thought, hang on a minute, I put metadata into my PDFs, but only my name and the title of the document. I use the dreaded LaTeX to create PDFs, and it’s easy enough to fill in the other document properties visible in the File | Properties of Adobe Reader. I did so, but the keywords came out as:

"foo, bar"

including the quotation marks, which wasn’t really what I wanted, or indeed, expected. The way I’d written the value of the pdfkeywords property (I was pleased to note I’d correctly guessed the property name, at least) was:

pdfkeywords={foo, bar}

A quick Google later, and I discovered that if you don’t put the commas in, then you don’t get the quotation marks:

pdfkeywords={foo, bar} gives foo, bar

So what if I want to use a compound that happens to (still) have a space between the two component words? I experimented with putting them in curly brackets, but to no avail. It’s really weird, the way it works.

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